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Anita Steele is a stress specialist, master of habit change, health and life coach, reiki master and yoga and meditation teacher.  

She uses cutting edge knowledge in nutrition, powerful stress "buster" techniques from her mindfulness background and a proven methods in habit change in combination with her highly intuitive coaching method and energy healing, to take you to a whole new level of living - free from stress and stress induced diseases, taking charge of your life and happiness. 



   Total Mind And Body Detox

is a reset program recomended to do at least once a year to:


  • detoxify body

  • reset hormones

  • boost energy

  • heal food addictions

  • gain mental clarity

  • dissolve stress 

"Being a mom can be overwhelming, confusing and exhausting, wether you are a staying home or working mom; I have been both.

Yet it can be the most beautiful experience and the greatest opportunity for growth and enlightenment. 

When you take this opportunity to step out of the survival mode and into your power, you empower your children as well. I can guide you every step"




Bisque and White Traditional Life Quote
Bisque and White Traditional Life Quote
Bisque and White Traditional Life Quote

10+ years of experience in mindfulness and healing